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Go Ahead Seniors Inc. is a provincial, bilingual, non-profit organization created in 1988 by members of the South-East Zone of the New Brunswick Senior Citizens’ Federation to provide educational sessions for the 50Plus population. Our mandate is to empower older adults to take actions that will lead to a better quality of life, help maintain independence and effectively promote positive changes. This is done through the Healthy Active Living Program that has been on-going since 1993 and sponsored by the Government of New Brunswick.

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Since January 2017, our Regional Coordinators have organized 35 Healthy Aging Clinics across the province hosting 2,585 seniors who received information concerning health and services offered to the aging population of New Brunswick. Over 600 sessions have been held while 700+ one-on-one sessions have also been delivered helping over 12,000 seniors from throughout the province make better health choices.

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Healthy Active
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Discover what over 250,000 seniors have learned about staying healthy through some 10,800 workshops delivered around the province.

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Healthy, active living is happening all around you. Find out the latest news and information on upcoming events that will keep your mind and body moving.


Looking for more tips on keeping a healthy mind and body? Consult our list of resources from trusted partners and leading authorities on healthy aging.


The Healthy Active Living Program for the 50Plus is administered by Aîné.e.s en marche/
Go Ahead Seniors Inc. and funded by the Government of New Brunswick.

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